2015 Conference

SCPT conference 2015 color backgroundEvil, Fallenness, Finitude

May 3–4, 2015
Fordham University – Lincoln Center Campus
New York City, NY

Keynote Speakers:

Ingolf U. Dalferth (University of Zürich, Emeritus/Collegium Helveticum/Claremont Graduate University)
Emmanuel Falque (Institut catholique de Paris)

Full program

The conference is co-sponsored by the following:
Fordham University’s Philosophy and Theology Departments, the Comparative Literature and Orthodox Christian Studies Programs, the Graduate School of Religion & Religious Education, and Fordham University Press.

Funding has also been provided by the Deans of the Fordham College at Rose Hill, Fordham College at Lincoln Center, and the Dean of the Graduate School for Arts and Sciences.