2010 Past events

Session with the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy:

The Secular and the Sacred: A Dialogue

November 4, 2010
Moderator: John D. Caputo
Speakers: Richard Kearney, Boston College
Charles Taylor, McGill University




SCPT 2010 Conference: The Politics of Peace

April 16-17, 2010
Messiah College (Grantham, Pennsylvania)
Keynote Speakers: Catherine Keller (Drew University) and William T. Cavanaugh (University of St. Thomas)

Martin Heidegger, 1889-1976


Eric Seibert (Messiah College) –”Deconstructing

a Violent God: Caputo, Jesus, and Troublesome Sacred Texts”

Mark Gedney (Gordon College) – “The Possibility of Peace: Recognizing the Kenotic Structure of Hospitality”

Elisabetta Bertolino – “Feminist Critical Legal Theory: Moving Away from Justice as Resentment”

Dan Miller (Syracuse University) – “Transcendental Historicism and a Politics of Peace: A Consideration of William Cavanaugh’s The Myth of Religious Violence”

Dhawn Martin (Drew University)  – “Hot Peace: A Proposal to Defrost Cold War and Cold Peace Mentalities”

Chad Lakies (Concordia University) – “Transforming the Politics of Forgiveness”

Scott McDaniel (University of Dayton) – “The Politics of War and the Power of the Cross”

Catherine Keller (Drew University )– “Peace Talk: or, the Unbearable Conviviality of Becoming”

Schedule TBA