The Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology seeks to promote inquiry at the intersection of philosophy and theology.


Members of the SCPT are philosophers and theologians from diverse backgrounds. Representative fields of study include phenomenology, deconstruction, feminism, Radical Orthodoxy, political theory, environmentalism, idealism, and ethics.


The Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology was formed to promote and facilitate discussion among philosophers and theologians working within the continental traditions of thought, traditions in which the relations between religion and philosophy are often intimate and necessary. It exists to supplement work being done by members of such organizations as the American Academy of Religion, the Society of Christian Philosophers, and the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.

SCPT held its first organizational meeting in the fall of 1997 in conjunction with the SPEP meeting held in Lexington, KY. Its first executive board consisted of Bruce Ellis Benson, John D. Caputo, Adriaan Peperzak, David Tracy, Norman Wirzba, and Edith Wyschogrod. Since that time, SCPT has become a self-standing society that both holds its own biennial conferences and regularly meets in conjunction with SPEP, ACPA, and the World Congress of Philosophy as a satellite member.

In April of 2003, SCPT held its first national meeting on “The Phenomenology of Prayer” at Villanova University. Its second conference, on “The Wisdom of Love,” was held at Wheaton College in March 2005. The most recent conference focused on “Evil, Fallenness & Finitude” and was held in the spring of 2015 at Fordham University.

For more information, including information on how to join, contact SCPT.

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